Thing to help illustrators and tech drawing creations

I like the drawing export to vector for the most part by using pdf. I wish they would include hidden color lines like in Autocad or Rhino. We use these quite a bit to select different color lines in Adobe illustrator for tech drawings.

When exporting vector solid black lines of exteriors of cad items for drawings, sometimes the line quality is not the best and contains waves or squigges, it would be nice if they were smoother.

Being able to read camera data or creation of cameras for export would be a fantastic additon. SInce vector oulines are created inside of cad, getting them to line up to renders in 3d programs is difficult without any projection or camera data unless it’s orthographic.

When exporting from AutoCAD to Rhino, it’s possible to maintain layer organization and color information. Rhino can import DWG files, and you should prepare your Rhino file with the correct units before importing the CAD DWG file. Official Website For hidden lines in AutoCAD, you can change the view properties to display hidden lines by discipline, which may help in managing how they appear when exported.