Things I would like to see


After using shaper3d I would like to suggest icon based quick save buttons.

If I have 10 objects on my project I would like to be able to separate them,allowing me to be able to save adjustments just to object I adjusted. If I have a single touch autosave for that object I can modify just that object and not worry about the rest of the project being effected.

If I wanted to export just that object and have a QA team look at it. Giving me the ability to just share that object not the whole project.

This will help compartmentalize sensitive designs that need specific objects inspected.

I feel having the ability to create quick save and separation buttons can help me with this.

Second Suggestion:

Implementing G-code generator for CNC lathe or milling. Having this would be a great tool and give me another option other than solidworks.


I would like to see full fledged assembly modelling (with all constraints).

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