Tim Hortons Disposable Coffee Cups

One for the coffee addicts! Really went into the details for this one!


Very nice :+1:

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Thank you! :raised_hands:


That looks great! Did you make the liquid using splines and render it as clear glass? @welshsteve

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Yes. I sketched the shape with splines then extruded to make a body then ‘pulled’ it upwards to make a slightly more domed surface than a chamfer would alone. Then I rendered it with glass which I coloured a crappy colour brown :poop:

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Nice! Do you have a tutorial to make the surface like a ‘Dome’? I am trying to make a convex mirror for an ORVM.

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I the video I demonstrate 3 different ways to create a domed surface.
In the last part of the video I demonstrate ‘pulling’ on the surface of an irregular shape to create a liquid spill (coffee, sauce, juice, slime)


Perfect! Thank you so much @welshsteve

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You’re welcome :grinning: