Touchpad and Wacom orbit/pan controls

Hi, i’m using shapr3d for a while now. It’s hands down a great experience on a touchscreen. But recently switched to a desktop computer without touchscreen and a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. Interestingly I found that touch gestures such as orbiting and panning do not work. The only usable gesture is pinch to zoom. Do more of you experience the same issue or is there a fix for this?


Hey – welcome to the forums!

The problem is not with your configuration: we don’t support touch gestures on Wacom pen tablets at the moment. It’s on our backlog to solve it, but it’s a very difficult task due to some obscure technical reasons and based on the information we got from our friends at Wacom, touch-enabled pen tablets are sold in much smaller numbers than touch-less ones and even on those that have touch input, the overwhelming majority of users turn it off to avoid accidentally triggering it, so we couldn’t justify placing this development in front of other things more of our users would benefit from.

A good alternative is doing view navigation with the pen itself with the help of keyboard shortcuts or pen buttons. It’s not as intuitive but after one gets used to it, can be just as efficient. Our suggested configuration is descried in this knowledge base article: