Trackpad input slow (large latency)

Hi All,

Just trying out the Mac OS version again, after not using it for a while, and finding that I have a problem with the trackpad input on a MacBook Pro. There is a very noticeable latency when using the built-in trackpad for input. Huge, in fact - I’d say that it’s al least a half second between when you move a finger on the trackpad, and when something happens on the screen. Also true for hovering and clicking. I don’t remember this being a problem the last time I used Shapr on the Mac, but it renders the app pretty much unusable. I can’t believe that this is normal. Does anyone have a suggestion? Any one else experience this?

Hi Jason,
Thank you for contacting us about this issue. Could you please send us a video about this? Also we need your workspace and OS,Device,App version related infos for further investigation.

Andrea, I submitted a ticket about this (54077), so all the details you ask for are there. In the meantime, for the benefit of others, here is a screen video demonstrating the problem. You can demonstrate the problem with a new file by just drawing new elements, as shown in the video. I find this sluggishness in the UI is also present when zooming, rotating geometry on the screen. This is in contrast to the iPad version of Shapr3D which has no latency at all. Given that desktop processors and GPUs are faster than iPads, I wonder what’s going on here. Does anyone else experience this problem? I find that it makes the Mac version of Shapr3D very difficult to use.