Trackpad input slow (large latency)

Hi All,

Just trying out the Mac OS version again, after not using it for a while, and finding that I have a problem with the trackpad input on a MacBook Pro. There is a very noticeable latency when using the built-in trackpad for input. Huge, in fact - I’d say that it’s al least a half second between when you move a finger on the trackpad, and when something happens on the screen. Also true for hovering and clicking. I don’t remember this being a problem the last time I used Shapr on the Mac, but it renders the app pretty much unusable. I can’t believe that this is normal. Does anyone have a suggestion? Any one else experience this?

Hi Jason,
Thank you for contacting us about this issue. Could you please send us a video about this? Also we need your workspace and OS,Device,App version related infos for further investigation.