Transform Cursor

Hi there, I would like to move my object using Freeform transform. If I want a more precise adjustment I would usually zoom in but when I zoom in, I am unable to access to the move object cursors as it is locked at the center of the object. How do I shift the move object arrows?

Thank you.

By the way, GREAT APP! Made my life much easier. Hoping to see more features in future.

Hi, currently you are unable to shift the object arrows but if you need precise adjustment just start moving the object by grabbing on the desired arrow and type the value by hand in the white attributes panel. (e.g. if you grab the red arrow, “Move X” will be the title of the middle row in the panel. If you tap on that row, a numpad appears.)

Also, thanks for the kind words, new features are coming very soon :wink:

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Also, what I found useful with precise transformation is this:

  • Select Transform / Freeform
  • Select an object you want to transform
  • Double tap on the object and you’ll switch to ortho (orthographic / “2D”) view
  • zoom in or our if you need to
  • use the transform gizmo (arrows) in this view
  • the grid helps you to align items perfectly
  • and you can use the numpad as well to give exact values
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