Transform suggestion

I’m not sure if this has been suggested before-

When using copy > move, I’m only allowed to move on one axis at a time- If I need to move in two, or three axes, then I have to deselect copy, make additional transformations-

Is there any way a move could incorporate x,y,z instructions?

Although I haven’t had a chance to use the pattern tool, (thank you) I’d imagine it might be useful there too-

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You could always create a path for the transform to follow. This path could be along 2 or 3 axis.

Thank you, will check that out

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Ok, but seriously-

Is the a possibility that transformations using the pattern tool could be specified in two or more axes? Imagine I need to build a stair, where each step must be translated horizontally and vertically by a set distance, would it not be useful to be able to specify those vectors once, and allow the tool to do the work? Or am I missing something, that’s usually a very real possibility…

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You could do it this way…


Thank you for the video, very helpful-

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You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face: