Translate problem (hollow bodies after translate)

Hi, I have been trying to use translate tool to transform the bodies. However, the bodies which got translated(for eg. moved) seem to be a surfaced(hollow body). Please help me to solve the issue.image

Looks like you have your split view clicked in the bottom right corner. Click on that icon and remove the split view…

Did You mean section view? I just added that split/section view to show that the original part(bottom left corner) is solid and transformed(moved) parts(other two on the screen shot) are hollow.

Yes, section view … I thought that might be causing the appearance while turned on. It’s certainly a strange anomaly that I haven’t encountered as yet using the translate tool and I use the tool extensively…

This is a bug in the section view, the geometries are correct. Restarting the app will fix it. We will fix it with the next release.

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