Trouble rotating

I’m just finally starting to mess with this thing. I’m a total newb and really only messing with 2D drawings for now. I want to rotate this body clockwise but I keep getting an error.

I think you have locked your sketch.

I was gone for the weekend but I still haven’t gotten it figured out. I tried unlocking the sketch but I’m not sure if I’m doing it right since I’m still getting the same error message.

Try redrawing it and doing it again…. If not could you maybe share the file if you can?

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Hi there @Ford!

At first, it seems to me as if your sketch was locked, or constrained. Could you please double-check if upon selecting the whole sketch, after tapping on “Disconnect”, the issue still persists?

Please let me know how that worked!

That didn’t do it. I ended up redrawing the basic idea a second time and no luck. Then I opened a new drawing and it was fine.

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