Error using transform with sketches

Hi all,
Version used: shapr3D CAD modeling V. 3.15.0 (7315).
This error occurs using the transform tool with a sketch: error when making the transformation, the restrictions in the sketches could not be solved.
This happens when I have two sketches as I show in the image, I want to rotate the rectangle with respect to the circle and that error appears. If I move up the rectangle then I can rotate the sketch.

Do you have any constraints on the rectangle like horizontal and vertical on the sides? If you have, you need to get rid of those constraints before you can rotate it

Hello #Zoli_Shapr3D,
You are right, the rectangle is drawn with the option “rectangle (center)” and when I activate the restrictions appear on each side. Deleted, it was possible to rotate with the transform tool. Then out of curiosity I added perpendicular restictions to the rectangle and I was able to rotate it.
Then I add a triangle, which I could rotate because in this case I did not touch any area of the rectangle, Then I try a triangle which each vertex touches the circle with the predefined restrictions and I could not rotate it, replaced the restrictions if I let it rotate.
observing all this I deduce that all the figures that start from the center and have isolate restrictions like for example the rectangle (center) can not be moved if some zone touches with another sketch.
Is my observation correct?
Because if I replace them if I can rotate the sketch?