Trouble snapping to midpoint/line

Forgive me if this is a simple answer as I am new to this. I’ve worked in Solidworks but Shapr3d is a learning curve itself due to a more basic tool set.

I have a slot that I am trying to center on a midline. I see a point, but I cannot snap to it. I have attached a photo.

As a secondary question, is there an easier way to make slots? I see no slot sketch tool so I manually drew the circles and rectangle and then trimmed away the excess.

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Another related question…

Let’s say I want to position a circle X distance from the top edge in this case, what is the easiest way to do this? It seems Shapr does not have a basic dimension type tool to set such distances?

EDIT: I found that it depends how I select the circle in this case.

Hey @JordanYOW,

While dragging the point of the slot, touch the purple midpoint, and then move away from it. This will activate the center line as a guide that you can snap to.

Thanks Istvan. On a related note, how can I align/centre a model on an axis? Let’s say I want the axis origin to be centered X and Y on the model, how do I do this? There doesn’t seem to be any “snap to” happening.

Hi @JordanYOW,
With the Translate tool, you can snap to origin points and midpoints too. Please take a look at the video below, I hope it will be helpful:

If the point on your model is not the center point of any surface, you can create a sketch with an intersection at the specific point to snap to when you define the first point of translation.

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This is on a surface, what about lines?
Can’t find a midpoint most of the time on edges.

Correct, you should be able to snap to midpoints. We’ll look into that!

Here’s an alternative way to produce slots…