Trouble with Loft tool: Profile with incorrect body properties

I have two constructed bodies that I’m trying to loft the top of one to the bottom of the other. It tells me the body properties are incorrect but not exactly which body properties, or what the incorrectness is. So I don’t know what to fix about the bodies other than redrawing them from scratch.

I excerpted the two bodies into a separate drawing to get rid of noise and to clean out any other bodies, edges, etc. that might be in the way, and the problem persists.

On inspection can anybody tell what is wrong with the bodies and suggest a solution? Or another way to smoothly join these two bodies with a different technique than loft?

Are the border thicknesses the same between the top piece and the bottom piece? If so, you could try removing the holes, doing a loft, and then using the shell tool to hollow it back out.

Hello -
you can’t loft together two faces with a hole in them, However you can loft them together without the hole, then create the hole later with the Shell tool

Here is how I approached the problem:

  1. Create the two bodies without the hole!

  2. Loft them together

  3. Union bodies

  4. Select two top faces and use Shell to add unified wall thickness

Hope this helps


Thank you! It came out beautifully (though the Shell step got an error, but I will work on that.) Here’s the result!


Great, glad it worked (almost). Can you please send over the file (this body in particular) and I can take a look (here on discourse) or