Trying to get my company to purchase software

I am a private user, however I am putting costs together to request my employer buys this package for me. How much will it cost the company to download the business package please?
Please tell me soon.
Thanks and regards Richard.

Hi Richard, you can find all the pricing information on our pricing page:

Can you please tell me where I can find my renewal date?
Also, I usually pay around £250 for the full package. I see now that I must pay around £450 for the business package to get full use of manufacturing 2D drawings. I cannot justify this as a private hobby user, also I feel I have helped Shapr with my feedback and input. I can only hope my company buys this for me. Good news is they have said yes.
Renewal date?
Thankyou and regards Richard.

Hello Richard - You will keep your old price, pre-2021 March (when we switched to a two-tier packaging) subscribers will get the higher, Business package on their old price as long as they are subscribed.

You can check your renewal info by signing in on our website or in Settings in the app.

Sending you your renewal date in a message :slight_smile:

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Thankyou! :blush: