Tutorial dimensions missing

I’ve just started with Shapr3d.

Looking at the initial online tutorials presented by Claas Kuhnen. It is IMPOSSIBLE to follow and reconstruct because no dimensions are given for the 2d sketches.

Sometimes it is possible to pick some up in context but not good enough.

ALL relevant dimensions details are necessary to follow the tutorial and build it concurrently!!



Not sure I understand, the dimensions are visible on the screencast, and Claas usually even talks about it. Which tutorial do you find problematic?

I’m referring specifically to the tutorial named ‘Power Adapter’ of a USB power adapter.

It starts with some preamble about Claas’ approach to the design.

At 1:15 we see the main sketch, but no dimensions at all are revealed. Likewise for other critical sketches.

As the 3d model is built from these ready-made sketches, it is vital to have the dimensions to re-construct by following along with the video.

It would be easier to record a simple section that shows the vital sketch dimensions, and splice it into the existing video tutorial.

Otherwise the tutorial are good and the pace is good. I will move onto the other tutorials and hope the essentials are in place.

Kind regards,

Dana Church

Doesn’t he explain later how to create those sketches? I will watch that tutorial again, but I am pretty sure he does.

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t.

The following tutorial (USB Power Plug) is much better !!

With the upcoming release we will rerecord all the tutorials anyway, simce the workflow will be improved a lot.