Im new to shapr3d and need some help navigating around and creating furniture. I was wondering if you someone would want to help me out with a few designs. I will you pay you.

There are many videos on furniture modeling on YouTube.

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I’ve watched them. Those designs are fairly simple.

Welcome to the forum. Post some pictures of what you have in mind and it will help us to advise you better.

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I wish I could. Unfortunately at the moment I’m a new user and can’t upload pictures.

Sure you can… upload pictures. Find examples on the web. Save and upload them on the forum with questions about how to do this or that. Are you using Windows or Mac? Ipad? We can help! There are a astounding amount of computer people/resources here. Some of us with 30+ years experience. I am a master at windows, windows freeware. I am capable of teaching intermediate Photoshop, Desktop publishing, web design, and am a embedded processor enthusiast and a PCB design artist. So lean on us. We help for free. Stand on our shoulders. We are happy to help. We will try and coach you how to achieve without doing it for you, so you learn and absorb. We can show you how to use the tools, but not how to be a designer. That is on you and your visions. Ask away.

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I think new members need to make a few posts first before they can upload pictures.

That is very nice! Thank you for the help!