UI - move/translate and scale

Is there a way of permanently showing the move/translate and scale buttons on the main UI?

I noticed that you can drag the menu bar from one side to the other which is handy, but is there a way of dragging the buttons?
showing m/t/s without having to go in to a menu would be great.

And secondly…

Is there a way of reducing the size of the m/t/s gizmo? It’s massive.

Matt :slight_smile:

Hi Matt,

thanks for the suggestion. Customization is not yet possible, but . we will save your feedback.

As for the gizmo, it is adaptive to zoom. Noone has really complained about this - but will think about it.

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Ok. I guess I’m fussy :smiley:
I’m just coming over from 3ds max and Maya, just trying to adjust. Generally things look good and the transition is fine. The videos really help for each tool.

It would be so handy to dock those buttons where the user wants them, to speed up workflow. It would be great if any button could be dragged and placed on a custom bar. But I realise how much work that is.

It just seems that the gizmo up handle is always out of shot when I focus up on my object. I find myself having to adjust the camera that’s all.

Totally understand - we have this on our mind. Understand that customization is key for a great user experience :slight_smile:

The gizmo we are constanly improving

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