Export objects from selected objects?

Just wondering if it would be possible to add an option (or does this already exist and I am blind!!) to export selected objects rather than just the visible objects.

“why not just hide the objects I don’t want?”

For example I want to export 2 sub models and these are about 4 layers deep, so I had to copy and move the alll the way up and then hide the other objects I didn’t want, export and then delete the objects.


I have the same request. More specifically, I would like the ability to select objects in the left panel, go to Isolation Mode, and then export only those objects in Shapr3D format so that I could import them into other designs without the limitations of mesh bodies, etc.

hi @JoelatSG,
For these purposes please use the X_T format.

The Shapr3D format was designed to transfer the whole design with all of its components. If you isolate any items, they’ll be imported as isolated but existing elements.