Sync overwrote my design

Sync has removed much of my design. I use Shapr3D almost exclusively on my iPad. Today I opened a model on my computer because I wanted to see some details of a model and I was at my computer. The model on my computer was out of date and did not include many of the details of the design on my iPad. A sync started but I wasn’t concerned because I thought it was going to update the design on my computer. Much to my dismay it seems to have overwritten the design on my iPad with the older design from my computer. Is this reversible? I lost a lot of work and would like to get it back if possible.

Unless you explicitly instructed Shapr3D to rewrite the new design with the old one, your data should not be lost. If you lost data, please contact our support team, and most likely they will be able to recover the lost design.

Hello Istvan,
I did not explicitly instruct Shapr3D to rewrite the design. How do I retrieve the design the got written over?
Thank you.

Please contact our support team directly here: