Unzip and import into shapr

I am trying to unzip and then import a friends drawing using Zipped on an IPad. I don’t see Shapr as an option to unzip the file into, and don’t know where else I could open it to and then transfer to Shapr. I just upgraded to shapr pro, restarted, etc. but still don’t see it as an option. I am also looking to import drawings from McMaster-Carr. Help?

I installed WinZip on my iPad and am still having trouble. The file he sent is an STL. I think that’s where the trouble is. I cant “open with” from the winzip side because shapr isn’t an option. I cant “add” from the shapr side because STL isn’t an option either. I am looking for a conversion app that will convert the STL to a STEP or IGES. Recommendations?
Also, to answer your question, we work in mechanical special effects for film and are printing out carbon fiber parts on the markforged 3D printer. He is a pro and I am a novice. I’m trying to catch up.

Thanks for the Mac-Carr info BTW. That was super easy!