Updated from 5.541 to 5.572 and many projects wont open and crash

been using Shapr3d for over a year and have 100+ project files. I was up to version 5.541 and updated to 5.572 and many larger projects will cash before opening now. can I revert back to 5.541 or fix the issue?

I uploaded a crash report as well

running MacBook Ventura 13.2.1 24gb memory

another update: I opened it on my old Mac running version 5.541 and it opened right up. something must be glitching in 5.572

another update: while the shapr3d community tries to see why this crashes I was able to do a work around on my MacBook. I used AppCleaner, a free program to remove the 5.572 app update and restored the 5.541 version that everything was working on. Once I completely removed all traces of the Shapr3d v 5.572 application I was able to reload 5.541, sign in and all my files downloaded and can be accessed as they were.

I would be happy to update again if the problem is found and fixed… but I will never do it without saving BOTH copies first!!!