Updating issues :(

We have Shapr3D installed across desktop PC’s and laptops at our school.
The OS is the same across the devices. Windows 11 22H2.
The desktop PC’s seem to seamlessly auto-install any updates, whereas the laptops more often than not get borked when an update is “pushed” to them.

The users of the devices do not have local admin rights.

Q1. Why are the laptops more frequently failing to install the update?
Q2. How can we recover from the issue without resorting to a full re-install each time (on over 50 laptops per update!!)

Many thanks for your consideration and if you require any further information to assist please add to the thread and I’ll do my best to provide all details.

Would an instance of Shapr3D update itself even if the application wasn’t being used on a device?

Or is it “opening” the Shapr3D that initiates the updating procedure?