User designed plugins

Are there any plans to support user designed plugins? Would provide a way for users to design and share complex modeling routines.

That’s a very tricky question. Short answer: it’s not on our roadmap, but definitely something that we would consider. This could be a good place to discuss what would you expect from having some kind of plugin mechanism.

Hi István,

some kind of plugin mechanism would open the possibility to have user-created functionality.
E.g. the thread tool which I‘m missing that much at the moment - this may perhaps not be on your roadmap because you don‘t see any benefit for your targeted usergroup- ok…

But if there would be some kind of plugin possibility or scripting feature it could be created without your development resources, nevertheless creating added value to your program at the same time.

I fully understand that you have to keep your app safe and can’t take any functional responsibility for externally created content, but it would open up Shapr3D to niche applications without sacrificing your own plans.

Cheers Chris

Just a thought, why not create your own plug? If I need a 1/4-20 internal thread, I’d create a plug that is 1/4-20, insert it where the tapped hole is located and do a subtraction if that makes sense? Reverse that process for an external thread.

Create a little tool box so to speak with all your required threads … for that matter, anything repetitive is nice to have a standard tool you designed and use frequently for basic shapes and such…

Simple Subtract won’t work for 3D printed parts. Needs clearance. Bolt a little smaller, threaded hole a little bigger. Needs to work without binding.

Some ideas:

  1. Threading tool
  2. Gcode generation
  3. 2D drawing generation
  4. Parts list
  5. Exploded drawing
  6. Auto Dimensioning

Yes, no different then a part that is going to be hard anodized, powder coated, chrome plated and so on … you might go with a GH5 Tap as an example for an internal thread. The tap is slightly larger to compensate for the build up of surface finishes…

Plastics as in Teflon, Nylon, Delrin, Polycarbonate, Lexan and so on each have a personality of their own when machining and or molding.

You could customize your own tool selection to compensate for different materials?

So, I wanted to design both a 3D printed bolt and threaded hole that work together. In Fusion 360, it just works. I can’t get it to work in Shapr3D using the revolve and subtract method. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or maybe there’s another process. In my case, the threads don’t line up. Changing the “thread triangle” size seems to change the revolve length, thus misaligning the threads. So far, I haven’t seen a real solution.

Again, just a suggestion. How about take the thread you’ve created in fusion and incorporate it into your Shapr3D file and bypass creating your own thread for now just to keep things moving along? I’m confident you’re going to resolve this temporary conundrum.

I should add, scale up the external thread slightly to compensate for clearance when forming your internal thread…

There’s many paths to least resistance :sunglasses:


This is not the best example but bare in mind, I’m new at this too anyhoooo you can see the clearance with the threads … the part I used to form the internal thread was slightly larger than the original / mating part…

Yes, I simply scaled up 1.02% on this example … You are so right, each printer will vary … calibrate all day long and it might change through out the day unless you’re in a controlled environment?

Threads can be tricky even with a good sharp tool machining them let alone forming them with a printer… it’s not the software that’s going to get ya!!! :crazy_face:

I should disclose … I know nothing about 3D printing!!!:pleading_face:

First suggestion sounds like a good idea.
Second suggestion doesn’t work, tried that previously. Scaling changes the pitch of the threads and they bind.

Right on!!! Go with the first suggestion and you’re off and running!!! :+1:t2::sunglasses:

Your research efforts are appreciated by all… Thanks