Any plans in the roadmap for simple variables?
Like a common hole ID, overall adjustment value to fit’s for 3d printing, dimensions etc… (fusion 360 like)

Hi, thanks for the feedback. If I properly understand your request, I presume you are asking about the ability to assign a unit to an STL file while exporting?

STL files are unitless and exporting in Millimeter/Meter helps the slicer app to more accurately read the numerical dimensions of the body.

Some CAD tools like Fusion gives you the option to assign Millimeter/Meter as a unit when exporting the STL file which is not really a real unit and this works the same way as simply setting the unit in the Shapr3d’s workspace to Millimeter/meter before exporting the file.

Hi, thanks. However my question was not related to export,but design.
Say I need a bolt hole of the same size several places on the parts, thus I would like to assign and change that value one time in one place. Same goes for adjustments to threaded parts… and so on…

Okay, I see what you mean. This is currently not possible in the app.
Since the app is a direct modeler a workaround can be to tap on the holes to have them selected and then make adjustments to selected holes at the same time.

I know this can be cumbersome if there are a lot of holes and I will share your feedback with our product team.

Does this what you want to achieve?
In the following the 6 Threaded Holes are M10 [10mm] diameter.