Parameters/Variables across projects

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I’m using CAD softwares to make piloted contraptions. I’m looking to use motors, sensors, lights, screens, coffee capsules, etc… Many of my projects have modular pieces/designs with reused dimensions.

The current problem is that to change a dimension repeated in many projects I have to go in each one, search for the right parameter and change it individually. It would be great to have a list of tuneable parameters that feed multiple projects.
For example, I’m making two pieces that meet in a ball and socket type of joint. Currently if I want to change the diameter of the joint I have to go and change the diameter in each project.

With two projects it is less of an issue, but if that same joint is used in a modular design of an arm, a moving camera, a rotating screen, tilting sensor and many others designs it can become tedious a create incompatibilities. Even worse of there are multiple joints.

In other softwares, like Autodesk inventor, I create an excel file were I put my variables and then in each project I create a link to it. So if I change the value of a variable in the excel file, all the projects are updated accordingly and I don’t have to worry about the compatibility of all my modular pieces.

I use Autodesk because I have access at work and because I have a lot of modular pieces that have the same interface. Further more I mention the use of an excel file because it is my current method, but if I could create different and independent parameter lists within shapr3d that could provide this feature I would be happy without excel.

If this feature were to be added I would use shapr3d much more seriously, frequently and for more that just 5 min designs that I can draw in 10 min.

Thank you very much, happy 2024 (even if we are way into January) and happy 2025 in advance

I second this; at least with the ability to have a variable spreadsheet that allows for formulas and if statements. if y’all want to go parametric, go all the way! This feature alone will make the difference in myself and I’m sure others, in staying or going somewhere else that does have it. If you need a good example, just look at fusion 360’s variables. In fact, with your software, I can imagine this process being a very fluid one like simply taking notes. I was writing measurements down in concepts (app on ipad) and thought that it would be amazing if i could basically do the same thing in shapr. Jot down a rough sketch, throw in the variables, then quickly define those variables in the table.

To what gonmarzar is suggesting, that would take it a nice step further; having a custom library of variables that we can define which cross over project to project. this would especially be great with common formulas and if statements.

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