Vector to Mesh = Some quality problems

In red, crenellation !

Vector to STL or OBJ - Adobe Stager Render.
What could be the solution to avoid crenellation?

  • Export settings
  • Resolution to maximum (does not work with Windows version)
  • Use 3mf format if possible (also use the highest resolution for export settings with 3mf)
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Thank for your answer. I work on Ipad Pro.

Test for export : HQ STL ( resolution maximum) and OBJ | compatible export for Stager. The 3MF isn’t compatible for the Adobe Stager render.

► I don’t have this effect in native mode.


3MF High Resolution on KEYSHOT

The effects are more prevalent.

After several attempts, it seems that the crenellations are only present with this piece. I have tried other geometrical shapes that combine the booleans and I don’t have any defects.


Well, unfortunately I don’t know Substance 3D Stager.
I don’t know if there are import settings or if you can import native 3D formats like STEP, Parasolid, IGES.
I see Substance 3D Stager also supports USDZ, have you tested this format?

I’ll redo this part and see if it’s not a random error caused by the booleans.

The last part has no defect and it was built with the same functions.

I’ll redraw and republish a little later.

I have redrawn my part and this time no problem of rendering. I think I had a design problem discovering the software.

Exported in OBJ format, everything is smooth.
Render in metal galavanized.

So I continue my learning.