Visualization Adds

Is it on the horizon to add grass and outdoor substrate textures to the visualization choices? This would help with our company, doing outdoor renders. It would enhance our ability to show higher end models and increase sales potential, rather than choosing a different texture that looks like what we’re shooting for. For example: I use asphalt for recycled rubber flooring in our models, it looks more realistic and more practical than the synthetic rubber options. It’s about the best we have for now.

One things we could use that would be greatly beneficial.

  1. Add a recycled rubber options, matte in color but with texture, Recycled Rubber Flooring with color spec choices.
  2. Add the ability to view images while in visualization mode, rather than just screenshot.

Quite the same “fight” here.
Working with other designers and sharing ideas, materials etc. on Omniverse has helped me a lot, but it may be a hassle for you…

Well. I guess it’s time for me to do something bold, since this materials issue pops up too often to my taste.

Ahoy me forum hearties!
From henceforth, I’m dedicating time and energy creating “custom” materials (on-demand, if you prefer)!
Anyone wanna join me? It’s quite the most relevant and useful thing to do right now.
Let’s gather forces. :muscle: :brain: