Wavy edge on cylinder

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I‘m trying so solve a task, maybe someone can help please :slightly_smiling_face:

A hollow cylinder is supposed to have a wave like ending. Unfortunately the projection tool does not work because it is projecting the 2 dimensional lining onto a 3 dimensional curved body. Is there a possibility to go around the cylinder?

Image attached.

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Quick and dirty: Create a cylinder across the top at the center of the container overlapping it’s outer edge. Rotate the desired number of copies to be the wavy bits and then subtract them from the container. Finish off with the fillet tool.

Quick and dirty

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Here I used the scale tool to squash the end on the cylinder to make it more radian like to better form the waved edge. There will be more ways to make your edge. So learn on!


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You are welcome. I learned too. So thank you! You are going to need some math to get the waves perfect. Trial and error works too. :grin:

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I did a variation of what @Oregonerd suggested, which by the way is good way to do it.
I projected a half circle on the cylinder and then an extrude toward the center. I used a 20mm diameter cylinder and a 6mm diameter cylinder to do the project (a bit trial and error). I then rotated the cylinder 60° to get an even number around the periphery.