Webinar on reverse engineering

I was watching the Webinar on reverse engineering yesterday from a link that arrived in my inbox. He starts by modeling a magnetic cabinet clasp. At 7 minutes in he extrudes the underside of the base he has created immediately after extruding the top of that base. 2.5mm for the top and 1mm for the bottom. For him, this results in 2 elements that he can color individually. For me, it creates a single element 3.5mm in height. Can anyone tell me what I’m missing?

Hi Richard, to do this, after extruding the body from the face you can tap on the boolean options box and from the options select New Body as shown in the short screen recording below:

Thanks Victor. Is this a result of the software changing over time, making some of these videos difficult to follow? I notice that the tools along the left side of the presenter’s screen differ from mine. He also talks about Groups which I assume are now Folders?

Hi Richard, we are constantly improving the app’s user interface.
This is an old webinar video we think that users can still get the design logic from and can be helpful.
We try to remake the tutorial videos to have the updated app interface but we can not redo these as they were actually live webinar sessions.
You can actually still practice with the advanced tutorial playlist as the videos have the updated app interface: