What do you find unique and what do you love about Shapr3D?

I thought that listing what we all like most about Shapr3D might help shape Shapr3D and hopefully keep what we love most about it from disappearing. I also thought it might help draw out a few helpful ways others are making good use of it.

I suggest we are very specific by listing the name of the feature, function, or software attribute. Then describing it briefly followed by why we like it, how we use it, what makes it unique and provide any screenshots or explanations that might convey your message or help others take advantage of it.


That’s actually a great idea. Thanks for posting this. Shapr3D :heart: this topic

I will start by saying, and this is what inspired me to start this thread, I love the translate function.

Translate is easy to find under the move icon and is very self explanatory. I do not know if it is missing or hard to find in much of the other software I have used but their is no problem finding or using it here. I love how specific it is and how I am not expected to do some kind of digital limbo square dance with a selected object just to get it where I want. There is no snapping to a face in Timbuktu and watching objects jump around everywhere but where you want them. It is simple and concise while getting the job done in a straight forward manner. I love it! :heart_eyes:

Indeed that is a great idea. I am really curious to read what everyone loves about Shapr3D.