What pen to use?

What is the best pen to use on the tablet?
What is the brand name of the pen?
How much am I expected to pay for this pen?


On iPad, Shapr only fully supports the compatible Apple Pencils. The Pencil version depends on your iPad’s version.

On Windows devices, you have to look for the specific device’s supported pencils.

Hi… thank you so much for the response… I’m going to download shapr3d today… I have been using Solidworks since 2004… any tips about downloading… please let me know… I’m looking forward to getting really good at the software… have a great day…


@Bettilyon26 Welcome to the forum.

I would go with the Appstore / MS store just so the updates are more comfortable. But you can also download the mac and windows version directly form our website https://www.shapr3d.com/

Guess what my wife suggested going to the appstore and it was a very smooth and quick download… I made a few models last night with my new apple pen i bought from the local Best Buy store… Im looking forward to purchasing the software on Sept 9th
Have a great day !



Welcome Robbie. You can’t really go wrong with the Apple Pen. I tried a cheaper one at first and while it worked, it wasn’t perfect and I was constantly playing with settings. The Apple pen just work perfectly, straight out of the box without any need for adjusting.

I just bought the software and I think it’s going ok for now… does shapr3D have a regen button? In other words, if I modify the dimension, the model or the body should update to the dimension… in Solidworks it’s called the stoplight