What’s with the new update?

I just wondering why the app crashes when I draw a curve which attached to a point than I would like to adjust??? Why the delete function was changed??? It’s absolute pants…
I had few designs in the old version which I completely lost hours of works just gone…
I was about to buy the subscription but I don’t think so I will if this keep happening. Developers put yourself together as this just became worse than it was… why??? I hate stupid updates…


Sorry to hear that. What’s exactly the problem with delete? We would really like to help.

The way how it was before much more convenient, and more effective
Was: Select the delete button than just tap on the lines etc. What I don’t want.
Now: select a line than select button. Not effective at all for multiple lines if I use guide lines which is temporary…

Also several times the app crashed when I try to attach a point of a circle to a square.

My main issue was the previous designs made before the update all gone :frowning: one of them stayed and moved the sketch on a different plane …

Is it possible that you hven’t upgraded the app since December 2017?

Hi! Please can you send us a screen recording showing this and the design file via support@shapr3d.com. This will help us better understand the issue, we can then further investigate the issue and find a fix. Thanks for your patience

I have never updated as I hate updates messing up things!! in my opinion do one thing properly and no need update…

Unfortunately can’t do a bit loaded me off and deleted all than just started re draw it again…

I was seriously thinking to get the whole year sub but not convinced yet with the new version. I might just need to get used to it… time will tell

@Jprorok in the 20 months we have released ~40 new versions with lots of improvements, including replacing the modeling kernel with Parasolid, the same CAD engine that is used by SolidWorks. Unfortunately during that transition 20 months ago, some data loss might have happened. We are sorry for the inconvenience. However we won’t replace Parasolid (most likely ever) this is not going to happen again.

Changing how the delete button works is just one of the hundreds of changes we made. If you will keep using the app, you will notice that many things work differently compared to that version that you’ve used until now.

That’s fine will see how it goes, it’s just made me very upset at first.

One question tho,Is there any support to export/convert gcode?

I hope you will like it :slight_smile:

To create gcode you will need a 3rd party application.