When I delete a part in my design, the app crashes.

Not sure how to proceed.
Happens on 2 PCs.

The parts seem to have 2 listings in the parts list even though its only one part selected.
e.g Body 64(2) and Body 64(2)

are listed as selected but its one one part.


Please create a support ticket at https://support.shapr3d.com/hc/en-us/requests/new, we would need to investigate the project itself to find out what could have happened.

I’m on the free version.
I’ll have to wait until someone else has the same bug.

If you have sync enabled, and in the ticket you give us your permission to do so, we can look into it.

Try renaming one of the duplicate parts first and then see if it will delete without crashing.

No good. Renaming one also renames the other.
Isoation mode or hiding everything else also has no effect.

I’m a programmer so if there’s anything complicated you want me to try, no problem.