Where do I set the overall scale of my design?


When the size of my objects in a sharpr3d-drawing are in meter but the real size is in cm. Where do I set the scale of the whole drawing to 1:10 or s.th.? Didn’t find the setting for that.

I’m using the iPad

Please see attached image. Pinch/zoom the screen to the size you want. Select units if not already done so. Lock the scale.

Is there a way to customize the grid size and lock it in at that customization? My brain and working style would love to lock it in at 1/16” or 1/32” no matter how zoomed in or out I am.

Once you lock the setting in your project, it should stay locked until you close the session.

Please explore the image included in my first response. Have you tried that?


I believe, I do not understand how to use it.

The length of my tube is 60 cm. Should be 6 cm.
So I scald up till the panel shows me 0.1 cm and pushed the “lock” button.
Es excpected, the dimension of my tube is the same.


I believe I use it in the wrong way?


Stefan, it is important that you choose your scale before you begin drawing. Changing the scale cannot change the drawing, only the units being displayed.

All you are doing there is changing the display dimensions. That doesn’t scale the model, only how it is displayed.

For this, use the Scale tool :wink:

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Yes I was successful upon looking closer. Thank you and apologies for the noise!

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Hi Tom,

I feared that.

That‘s a pity.



When I import a model that‘s not in sharp3d format, I start cutting, changing, adding and so on.

firstly no thought about scale.

then, when it comes to be excact it starts stressing to recalculate the messurement every time. the same thing when it comes to test prints and so on.

then, its to much work done to restart from the scratch. and i cannot rescale every object. what comes along, as far as i know, the scaling must be done with a factor. i can calculate this, yes, but its all unnecessary work (and error prone) during the process.

so, it would be fine to have a function for changing the scale of the drawing or I should overthink my workflow :see_no_evil: → apparently it seems it’s not a problem for s.o. else. :sweat_smile: