Don't like the UI and other things

First of all can we skip the tutorial.
Add a normal menu bar at the top like every program has had so I can change key bindings and everything before being forced into the tutorial.

The forced tutorial is an issue for me too.
Specially since I switch between an ipad pro and ipad mini. I get it all the time when I´m logging in.

And on that topic. The login could also be better/faster when switching between to units. Now I have to click the password button on the keyboard, search for shapr3d and then use face ID to input the username and password. And after that I get the forced tutorial on top of it.

Having the loging synced with Icloud so you wouldn´t be logget out everytime you use another device with the same icloud. Or a simple and fast faceID/fingerptin login feature.
The files should also be synced/stored over Icloud . But I´m guessing your´re already working on that?


Logging in skips the tutorial if you already went through it once :slight_smile:

Working on Sync is in progress, we can’t use iCloud since it’s not available on all platforms, and we also want to build more on the sync feature than what iCloud is capable to do.