Why does importing a file need the “standard” plan, why cant it be free?

Like what if you deleted something accidentally but had a backup, but then you cant use it?
It would be gone forever, Like i clicked the wrong button then used the wrong feature, now my design is ruined :cry:, i had a backup file, but it is useless without the “standard” plan…

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Were you unable to use undo? Or too many steps to undo? Where is your backup, and what type? I save my files as Shapr3D format in Files. This allows me to access the project on any of my iPads, or import the work into an existing project or new one. McD

Like i saved it and then came back, I’m not Able to undo
I saved it in files, i was on ipad, was stl, i dont have the standard plan to do that

Ah, yeah, if you closed the app, then undo does not work. That is normal for Shapr3D. A practice I use is saving the file in versions. i.e.: project 1.0, 1.1, etc. This takes discipline and time. Normally in a CAD program, changes are not saved, until you “save or save as.” Shapr3D is saving all along until you close the app, then that closes the undo. McD

I use ipad for shapr, so there isnt really that option for me

Preston, that is all I use as well. I’m only on the iPad. But as I go along, I save the work as a revision. Then later on, I delete the unnecessary versions. I have 2 iPads that I switch between. I must log in separately on each iPad every time I switch. But I can access all the files under Files, which is iCloud, from either iPad.

But you Need the “standard” plan to import your files to shapr

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This is kind of more like a question to shapr, Cuz i dont see the point to backup if you cant import without the “standard” plan

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Ah, that may be. I have the full program subscription, so I’m unable to comment on the other versions. My apologies.

Its Okay :+1:, i will think about getting The standard plan