Won’t load


I’m trying to load a standard tessellated geormatry file that is 1.67GB……… it starts to load but then the app shuts down. Can someone help please.


Depending on your device, you might be running out of memory. Which device are you trying to open the file with? If not confidential, please upload the model somewhere, and send a link, I would be happy to investigate!

Please note that the files size doesn’t tell how much memory it would take to load.


So basically I have the last eat iPad with the app installed. For some reason it just won’t load this file.

Basically it’s a shell of a car that has been scanned.

What kind of geometry is that?
Point cloud? Format?

Without the file it’s hard to say what the exact problem might be. But scans usually contain millions of points and small faces once tessellated, so it can easily cripple even stronger devices than the iPad. I would try to load it on a relatively strong mac or windows device, 16gb + memory, it might succeed (if the geometry itself is good, so Parasolid doesn’t find too many errors).