Working with cad data from umake

Hey curious if there is a way to modify surfaces that were imported from umake. Generally you can export as IGES into shapr, but once in shapr i cant seem to do much with it. if im lucky sometimes i can fillet a few bits, but most isnt editible.

is there a way to edit data from umake? or possibly a convert to shapr body function?. likewise if i were to create work in fusion360, can i modify/edit it in shapr? thanks!

Unfortunately the quality of the geometry that comes out from umake is very low compared to other CAD systems, that’s why Shapr3D has a hard time working with it. Working with data imported from Fusion 360 is much more straightforward.

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yeah i noticed. maybe i could bring it into fusion to clean and then send to shapr after. what format is best for preserving the editability of objects?

Parasolid (x_t) is preffered, the second best option is STEP.

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