Working with letters is a pain

I just had an error, similar to the one where it would export parts, that should be hidden by isolation mode. This time though, i was hiding the parts using folders and toggling their visibility. There also was no high load or so. I selected export to 3mf, typed in a name and confirmed it. Then I carried on by unhiding another folder/object and suddenly i got this “whiteout” that should have appeared directly when i confirmed the export. So there was a delay between me confirming to export as 3mf and shapr actually doing the export.

Thanks! We’ll try to reproduce the export issue and figure out what’s going on. We haven’t been able to do it so far, so we might need some further help – is there a chance you could record a video of it? I know it only happens rarely, but if it does more often for some particular file, having a screen capture of what’s going on would help tremendously. Here are some tips on how to record a video about the app.

On the “Zoom to selection” – I agree, it’s currently pretty painful to use, I just mentioned it as a potential workaround and to check if the functionality itself would be useful for you. It’s on our short-term roadmap to make it more accessible, including finding a better shortcut for it and making it available not just after selection but for mouse hover as well (just like zoom-to-face works with the space bar).