Zoom to face issue

Hi, i’ve been giving shapr a proper try over the holidays. I normally use Fusion or Moi and i’ve noticed a weird issue when I import files into Shapr3d.

I’ve discovered that any files I export from Moi3d in step format and import into Shapr3d don’t work well with the zoom to face command.

If i’ve just brought over quite primitive shapes, say a cube. The zoom to face command works as expected. But if i’ve done any booleans or surface work previosly in Moi3d, when I try zoom to face it zooms and aligns to the face at an odd angle. This happens even if the resulting face was uniform, (see my screenshot). This is making working with shapr3d frustrating.

Fusion has a similar zoom to face feature and doesnt have an issue with the same files.

If I make a new boolean along the affected area in Shapr3d and take off a small amount of material it seems to fix it. But that is a huge waste of time. Anyone else encountered this?

It happens on both the Mac and Windows version of Shapr.

After a bit of reading on the forum it could be an origin issue. Wasn’t sure cad had origins but there we go.

Is there any other way to align the grid? Like manually?

With it snapping and zooming at that odd angle I can’t sketch and modify the solid. Also means I can’t bring in my existing models and parts :unamused: