Zoom with the mouse


I’ve connected a Bluetooth mouse to my Ipad and it works really well
Have also tried to work in shapr3d with the mouse as a complement to the pen and I was surprised how easy and smooth it is, it feels absolutely right!

Please, you can make it zoom in and out with the scroll function it would be a huge upgrade !!

and yes I’m left handed (holding the pen with my left and the mouse with the right hand)
it is truly fantastic!


Interesting! Thanks for experimenting and sharing. I have recently been using a new a MacBook Pro so my mouse feel is there…



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Hi Robert,

My iPad Pro is a couple of generations old and I use the round Apple Pencil (2017 I think). I have a spare Apple Mighty Mouse and I tried to connect and no go. Do you know if only the newer iPads will connect with a bluetooth mouse? Thanks for sharing.

BTW, I too am a lefty :smile:


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Hi Mike,

don’t know if it works with the early ones,
I upgraded to the latest yesterday, (4th generation)
and I am more than satisfied.

it’s something that would make me think that the right handed can be jealous about (to use both hands) …
(they say that the left handed persons are smarter) :wink:

Hi Robert,

We will fully support it. It just came as a surprise for us, and will take some time to implement. We are just as excited about it as you are :slight_smile:


Hi Robert,

Are you saying that you have the latest iPad Pro with the Lidar scanner? If yes, I am envious!!!

I would like to get into 3D scanning and ultimate work with scans to manipulate as 3D models. I am new to this and seeking advice. First, I use a Mac and not a PC. Does anyone know if there is software for the Mac to use scan data (point cloud?) and convert to a 3D model that would be suitable for import into S3D and ulitimately modify? And I don’t mean STL files. Although they can be imported, which is a good thing, there are limitations on what Tools can be used on them.

(And yes, we lefties are a special breed)

Regards, Mike