0.27 - Haptic motor boosts, Split body tool, and more

Hi everyone :rocket:

In version 0.27, we popped the hood and added some new parts — specifically, haptic motor boosts. Effortlessly and intuitively draw in the design space with the pen and get immediate tactile feedback.

And, we tinkered with some things under the hood:

  • New: Put the new Split Body tool to work and use a plane, face, sketch filling, or image to cut a 3D body into two separate bodies.
  • New: Now you can add geometries, 2-point and 2-line centerlines, to your 2D drawings.
  • New: When you hover over dimension labels with a pen or mouse, the app will instantly highlight them and you can immediately edit dimensions.
  • New: We spruced up the Area Selection tool for pen users so it’s easier to choose the type of items you want to select.
  • New: We upgraded the Chamfer/Fillet tool: Now you can blend a 3D model’s edge with two chamfering distances and separately tweak each distance.

Before closing the hood, we did a few extra fixes:

  • Fixed: Sketching lines and arcs with the pen is more intuitive. You can finally wiggle your pen to automatically switch between the Line and Arc tools.
  • Fixed: We worked the bugs out of 2D drawings’ section views. So, your mouse gestures shouldn’t interfere when you’re drawing section lines and reference points are selectable.
  • Fixed: The app won’t crash when you use the Area selection tool multiple times while sketching.
  • Fixed: There won’t be hiccups anymore when you edit dimensions or click and drag sketches with the mouse.

Nice to test a new version.
Finally I can pan and zoom with the mouse while editing without interrupting the editing function.
Very good! :+1:
Unfortunately, multiple selection with the mouse still only works with the shift key.
It is very troublesome.
As with the pen, you should be able to select elements by simply clicking on them, and if you click again, you should reverse the selection.
As it is now, I don’t really get into the flow of drawing quickly and purely intuitively.
It slows you down and drives you crazy.