0.27 - Haptic motor boosts, Split body tool, and more

Hi everyone :rocket:

In version 0.27, we popped the hood and added some new parts — specifically, haptic motor boosts. Effortlessly and intuitively draw in the design space with the pen and get immediate tactile feedback.

And, we tinkered with some things under the hood:

  • New: Put the new Split Body tool to work and use a plane, face, sketch filling, or image to cut a 3D body into two separate bodies.
  • New: Now you can add geometries, 2-point and 2-line centerlines, to your 2D drawings.
  • New: When you hover over dimension labels with a pen or mouse, the app will instantly highlight them and you can immediately edit dimensions.
  • New: We spruced up the Area Selection tool for pen users so it’s easier to choose the type of items you want to select.
  • New: We upgraded the Chamfer/Fillet tool: Now you can blend a 3D model’s edge with two chamfering distances and separately tweak each distance.

Before closing the hood, we did a few extra fixes:

  • Fixed: Sketching lines and arcs with the pen is more intuitive. You can finally wiggle your pen to automatically switch between the Line and Arc tools.
  • Fixed: We worked the bugs out of 2D drawings’ section views. So, your mouse gestures shouldn’t interfere when you’re drawing section lines and reference points are selectable.
  • Fixed: The app won’t crash when you use the Area selection tool multiple times while sketching.
  • Fixed: There won’t be hiccups anymore when you edit dimensions or click and drag sketches with the mouse.