4.11 - Split Body tool and sketching boosts

Hi everyone!

Back to school? Then you have some homework to do: Request your educational license from Shapr3D’s website (not the app!) today. Jump on that free access to unlock all the premium features.

For the avid readers out there, we have the nitty-gritty of Shapr3D’s latest update:

  • New: Link all the designs on your device to your Shapr3D account, so you’ll be ready for syncing designs in the future. We’ll fill you in on the details in the iPad and Mac sections of the Manual.
  • New: Put the Split Body tool to work and cut a body into two separate bodies. You can use planes, faces, sketch fillings, and images to split them.
    • iPad:
    • Mac:
  • New: We upgraded the Chamfer/Fillet tool, so you can use an advanced option — blend a 3D model’s edge with two chamfering distances and separately tweak each distance.
  • New: Here’s another boost for mouse and trackpad users. Any selected sketch tool will stay active even after you finish drawing a line, spline, or shape. So, you can sketch in one sitting without interruption.
  • New: You can also use the Escape key to finish a sketch and drop the active sketching tool. If your iPad’s keyboard doesn’t have the Escape key, set up the Globe key as its substitute.
  • New: Save and restore camera views on the Mac with the V1, V2, and V3 buttons on your SpaceMouse.
  • Fixed: We smoothed the kinks out of section views for 2D drawings so you can accurately dissect your 3D model.
  • Fixed: We drilled down into the backend to straighten out those frustrating goofs that affected a handful of features, including command search and 2D Drawings.

When will the 4.11 be available in the Apple Store?

It is out already, availability depends on Apple, usually it takes a few hours to be available everywhere globally.

Thanks for the answer.

I’m signed in, this is the 4.11 version.
The tutorial video does not work.
Possibly wrong link.

We are on it, thanks for pointing it out.

It should be published now. :slight_smile:

Perfekt :ok_hand:

Finally, a split body tool! I’ve been waiting for this since I first subscribed.

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Does the Windows version follow?

Yes, we are in the process of syncing the releases across platforms. For now you can expect minor differences in release dates, but we want to catch up in a couple of months, and release everything on every platform at the same time.

Thanks for the answer. I hope that one of the most important functions that is missing in the Windows version is included.
Mouse configuration to allow rotation, pan and zoom only with the mouse.

Yes, we are on it.

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Very cool!

However, is there a way or will be a way to set the chamfer as an angle instead of two distances?
That would be very useful and easier to set. Just an angle and depth. UX could be similar to the “flip” option for the align tool to set the angle direction, with drag or tap for manual input to set the chamfer depth, curved arrow for angle with tap for manual input or drag option.

I had brought this idea up in this thread:

One step further would be chamfer annotations in dimensioned drawings.

Can’t wait to sync up projects though!


Great work! This mostly requested tool finally arrived!



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Finally split tool :blush: Now give us texture support!

OK. :eyes::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Cloud sync! YESSSSSS! :heart_eyes:

Split will be great for us 3D printing hobbyists.


I cant get cloud syncing on. Have tried both tricks i know: log off and on - restart iPad. Read the Manual too so i have really been out of my comfort zone. What am i missing here?