2D Drawing Dimension Formatting

Exporting a 2D Drawing on the iPad, using mm as the unit. I am finding that fractional units are being displayed with a comma, instead of a decimal point. I can’t seem to find a setting, to allow me to change this. It happens, even when using ANSI page sizes (though, I would expect to have the option to change this, irrespective of using ANSI/metric page sizes.

Am I missing the option, or is it not there?

The metric system uses commas instead of decimal points. That is the standard. The US bastardizes this standard when we use decimal points instead of commas.

Looking further, other countries mix metric and imperial standards for the decimal and comma.

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To my knowledge, the SI does not specify a specific decimal separator (if I am wrong, please cite a source); the difference is traditional/cultural, pre-dating the metric system. As you mentioned, not all metric-only/mostly nations have the same standards for this (for the aforementioned reason)

Whatever SI says, the clients and makers I work with across the whole of Britain will not understand a comma separator because it’s also used to separate thousands.

Each country has its own standard so it would be very helpful/imperative to be able to option these factors.


Agreed. Clearly, this needs to be a configurable option, and I feel like it was just a mistake/oversight that it was neglected. It’s a new feature, so I can imagine we’ll get it fixed, soon. Can anybody from Shapr weigh in?

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Hi uber.geek et al,

Thank you for the feedback, and sorry for the late reply, meanwhile we already started to work on adding a solution for this to the Drawings tool. Based on our plan, you’ll be able to configure the thousands and decimal separators as you wish. I cannot add an exact estimation for its release, but it’s in the pipeline and will be available in the foreseeable future.

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Thanks for the info!

Thats very good news zoltan. Thank you. And thanks uber.geek for persisting…!

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Hey, Zoltan, hope you are doing well.

Do you know if there any updated release estimate for this fix?


I confirm that this request is not forgotten and is on our roadmap. As creating Drawings is a new feature in Shapr3D we are dedicating time to collect all your input regarding similar customisation options (e.g. like setting custom line width) and we are planning to release these type of features together. To give a better estimate for your question you can expect the rollout of this particular feature around mid Autumn. If you have any other thoughts on this topic don’t hold them back.

Thanks for the info :vulcan_salute: