2D Drawing Sweep Radius

I am creating a tube with bending requirements at specific size radius corners, etc. (90°, 30°, 15.5°) but I’m unable to figure out a way to get Shapr Drawing to identify anything about the corners for dimensions, angles, radius, etc. anything at all really… any ideas out there?

Do you have a picture for what you are trying to do? I can’t tell if you are trying to make a dimensioned 2D drawing or a 3D drawing.

I’ve attached the 2D Drawings. I’ve tried everything I know of to get the radii to display and the center mark etc. They just don’t…
Exhaust Bulkhead Tube.pdf (132.5 KB)
TC V4 38 Tube-Long Input Copy.pdf (283.9 KB)

Here’s a video of the problem.