2D Mechanical Drawing

UPDATE: drawings are finally here: 4.0 - 2D drawings + new pricing

042.pdf (1.1 MB) I take the initiative to develop my own mechanical drawings method using imagination, drawings and machinist skills.


Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Is this what it appears to be?
It seems to be Screen Captures from S3D that have been copied, annotated and then saved as a PDF?

Perhaps you can describe the actual MO deployed?
It certainly provides a very usable result although perceived as being ‘time consuming’.

I would need to utilise typed annotations to ensure clear understanding by recipients, who certainly would have difficulty reading my hand produced scrawl.

Your supposed are correct.
I used the GoodNotes app
Because you can use the grid sheet to align and scales the imágenes. Also is very easy to do horizontal vertical lines.

Thanks for your update.

Hi, it looks beautiful, good way to point out what’s important in your design.

But… wouldn’t I be much easier when we could export these kind of drawings right out of Shapr3D? It’s an amazing program, but I am still missing the ‘flat output’ to use for working on a manual lathe (as an example), with notes in the sketch functionality, it would make a big difference.

Same goes for text. Not only sign-making uses text, but a lot of machine parts also need some kind of identification, number, letters etc. I am still missing this as an integral part of Shapr3D.

Is there a near future when we can start to incorporate this features in our design process?


I am developing a new product, all the pieces involved in it, must be fabricate using milling and lathe machines. But you know the drawings must show the technic characteristic of the mechanical piece like, material, quantity, hardened, finish, tolerances, etc. If I send only the 3D model to be quoted for some supplier the quote no be accurate and the design could be not assembly or never work for the before explained. So my next option could be buy a window PC and install AutoCAD on it, and do the drawings, but this option is expensive. The best and cheap way to solve this issue was apply the skills that I learned in high school ( industrial technical drawing). I only expense one day to did 35 drawings.

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This is definitely one of the most important features we miss currently. We are not sure yet when will we release this, but we are already researching the topic, and have UX/UI design concepts for it.


That’s good news! I hope it’s on top of the list… Let us know as soon as there is news on this matter.

Whit this feature, in my personal opinion the iPad remplace the PC. When I use the new iOS 13 is like I amusing a windows plataforma.


UPDATE: drawings are finally here: 4.0 - 2D drawings + new pricing