3.0 critical bugs

3.0 has been working very poorly for me. The new features look great, but I can’t do even the most basic operations with regularity.

After adding 10-20 constraints sketches begin to stall. Selecting points becomes impossible. Connecting points becomes impossible. Setting new length and angle constraints is impossible. Sometimes the lenth and angle labels don’t even render.

Then when I close the app sometimes the workspace does not save. All my work is gone. Something must be getting corrupt for such fundamental features to be failing. New workspaces don’t work at all. I ended up deleting and reinstalling the app to make constraints and point selection work again, and then it broke again after 15 or so constraints.

I really love this app and tell everyone about it, I just wish I could use the previous version because it’s currently unusable.

An update with bugfixes is coming in 24 hours. It has been already submitted to the App Store, and it is waiting for review now.

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That’s great! Thanks for the prompt reply.

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