3.7 beta is out on Testflight for Beta testers


I’m gonna remove and reupload the app to see if that fixes some bugs. Sadly I’m most likely going to lose my projects :disappointed_relieved: To


It worked but I lost a file I’d worked on for months :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Hi - you can only unsubscribe through your AppleID settings. That said, we will have an Account settings in the future - which will make this process clearer. I’m not sure when, but I’ve seen some plans for it already


As for the fixes - please never delete your app without making backups of your files. An upgrade always fixes the bugs. Let us know of the bugs and we will fix them as soon as possible.


In accordance with what Tommy says, you could see below where is the reason why we say lets turn off and on (some or all)buttons by tapping on them:

Among trimming, the pencil doesn’t touch the line to be trimmed and it’ll come out of trim mode.


Still very noisy. Many of the measurements are not needed. Why don’t you allow us to turn any measurements we want on ?!?!


Just unlock the lengths, and they will disappear.


As can be seen some which are not locked are shown, furthermore unlocking will cause unwanted tilting of the lines during sketching


The lengths, not the lines to the grid.


Im hoping to see scaling in X,Y,Z separately available in the future…not just XYZ. Thanks.

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Thank you for your feedback. I have passed on your feedback to our product team.

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Hi Daniel

I would love to see non-uniform scaling added, that is scaling that affects x y or z axises individually.

That and maybe a combination of the loft and sweep functions to make some in organic shapes.


3D sketching :flushed::sunglasses:

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