3.7 beta is out on Testflight for Beta testers


So I conclude that I am not a good engineer!!! :smiley: what was the thickness of Boneau wires by the way?!

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You’re too funny!!! I’m not remotely implying you’re not a good engineer. I’m very impressed from what I’ve seen and read with your posts in the forum :+1:t2::sunglasses:

I’ve worked with more engineers than I care to remember and too often, many of them had little or no knowledge about the fundamentals of manufacturing. They had the degrees and all that fun stuff but dumb as bread crumbs with common sense machining processes… :crazy_face:

If I recall, and we’re talking mega moons ago with the Boneau Stent, the wire size was around 2mm to 4mm depending on the material. I would think the patent information is available on the internet today…

One of the big issues in the early stage was the leaching hence the array of materials experimented with…

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No no! I really concluded that for that moment! No one is doing right all the time! Even Einstein! And for that moment I was not a good engineer! This is really true for engineering field since engineers are taught to ignore upto 15% of inaccuracies for most purposes and that is called the acceptable engineering error range. As promising as your suggestion is, 0.001/0.03 = 3.33% so it’ll be not bad! But perfect for Boneau 0.001/2 = 0.05% !!!

Furthermore, I really appreciate your time, reading and caring about my posts.

Yes manufacturing is a whole strange world other than design! But not so strange as a word !!! :smile:

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Checking back in more and more with Shapr3d after some time and although it is in and out I see you are doing nice work implementing a lot from forum advices.
I see myself at least as part involved in straightening out the view axis changes you made according to my advice for instance, just as an example of how much you do listen to opinions from users. Excellent job!

Now, I would like to see what you have going for you in the beta 3.7 and would like to update. Possible?

Best regards!



Hi - sent you a beta invite - hope you will like it.
We are already at the end of this beta testing, and soon release it as a live version, but any feedback are welcomed.



Unfortunately Apple continues to be a nuisance in my life to the extent of me loosing appetite.
It locked on me due to the 150mb cellular limit and it just sits there doing nothing. I forwarde the time on the pad but to no avail.
I mean what is Apple doing? 2019 an email box starts with capital letter? Then what the hell is the deal with a cursor showing or not showing. Should we blame all this on Java, why not. Since Java entered our world … oh maaan!



This beta (mean the total 3.7 not just the latest children) made the pencil so sensitive. It bothers too much and creates unwanted small edges as one wants to get out of sketch mode needs to tap on the screen. It doesn’t make any difference even after setting the pencil sensitivity to low. This will cause problems such as when we reset the camera, the main object will go far away until finding and deleting the edge(s). See below:



I thought it was just me but I am seeing the same issue

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I brought up this issue with getting out of Trim mode. Very annoying for people with shaky hands and poor motor skills.



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2 issues:

1st: Still believe PEN button is redundant where before you select it you were truly sketching!!! Plus, anybody must tap on screen out of those newly added buttons (rectangle, ellipse, etc) to get rid of them! So a PEN button doesn’t make sense anyway!

2nd: as mentioned above, one is by default sketching on screen without tapping on sketch button, so it’d be much more meaningful to include the new buttons in (Add +) List; pay attention that those two buttons in the list are redundant too ( i.e. image and file, are included at top left menu). Constraints menu could also pop up easily when sketching.

Good luck



I agree that this could be refined for true elegance! Think Steve Jobs…



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Yes I really appreciate that great genius. At peace!



Look at this super behavior, just want to change the radius! Oof



I wish I could intervene in the measurements ribbon to change that radius, so would also make the modeling environment less noisy.



Is there a chance you’ve set the radius before and moved the annotation? If yes, this is the expected behaviour, we save the annotation’s position.



No not at all. See vid below, it’s the original location:



Ok, thanks our QA is on it!



Boy I really would love “split with plane” at the moment

Also would love to play that banjo😊 . I did not know that is where the violin came from awesome history lesson thanks.



We can test it! :slight_smile: Make an appointment :grin:

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