Help with wrapping an object around another object

I need to curve the squiggly around the cylinder, and if it’s not possible to do that with an already modeled object, then how do I model it around the cylinder?

Wrapping is not available in Shapr3D (yet). You can however create the squiggly around a cylinder.


@TigerMike I wish there was an option to “follow” your account as every little quick video you show teaches me a useful technique that isn’t always obvious. :+1:


I am pretty sure that many Shapr3D users miss wrapping.
With such things, I often have to switch to another CAD program.
The same applies to copying along a path.

super helpful! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi Tigermike, Thanks for sharing. The demo is way to quick to follow, I just cant work out what staps you do adter the chamfer to ger to a cylindrical path. Can you make it more clear somehow? Thanks a million

@TigerMike that is impressive

@JasonFS Here are the steps he did in the video:

• Drew a circle

  • project circle onto surface.
    • Extrude projection (subtract from the surface)
    • Chamfre/Fillet edges
    • Select body
    • Pattern (Circular)
    … Set center of rotation
    … Set rotation=360°, count=N
    • Select the “circular pattern” group of objects
    • Intesect the objects (keep originals=off)

What is not shown is the math needed upfront. Your pattern’s width needs to evenly divide into the circumference of the object so the patterns match up at just the right point 360° around the object.

Hopefully, that gets you going.

Thanks Chris.
One correction on the 2nd step. I did not extrude the circle into the cylinder. I projected the circle onto the cylinder then extruded away the half circle. This makes the projected extruded surface normal to the center of the cylinder whereas the sketch extrusion leave a parallel extrusion. Other than that, thanks for clarifying the steps I used for @JasonFS.
Cheers, Mike

Edit: I just noticed the 2nd step (subtract from the surface) is correct, meaning ‘from the projected circle’.

This video shows the difference between the two different circle extrusions.


Hey @TigerMike ,
Thanks a million.

What I am actually trying to model is this but without a sketch wrap to ( around) surface , I think think I will have mess around with freecad or blender.

Here is an attempt from the best I can tell from the photo you shared. Maybe you can use an approach like this.

  1. Make a cylinder
  2. Create a block and project the circle onto it
  3. Make holes in the shape of the part that protrudes
  4. Rotate the block to get the angled taper
  5. Subtract the block and cylinder

PostClamp.shapr (50.0 KB)

Or use the process Tigermike shared but instead of rotating flat to the cylinder rotate it at an angle.