4.10 - Section views for 2D drawings

I have no idea how to use the section tool for 2D drawings. How do I learn it?

Happy to help! Where did you get stuck?

@Malleus please make sure you have the latest, 4.10.1 version of Shapr3D, the section view will be available from under the Views menu in the Drawing tool:

Thanks for responding. I eventually found what I was looking for.




Hi Loren,

May I ask what were you looking for that you didn’t find?

Many thanks,

It had to do with one of the new features where one coulo cut v section. The video demonstration was too quick to follow and I made a wrong assumption about where the sectioning could take place.
I eventually found the where and how. But thanks for following up.


Is section view available in 3D model environment too? If yes, please guide me with work flow. If not, please implement it.

Yes it is available.

@rammohanp.p Also, additionally take a look at this: Section view | Engine tutorial - YouTube

Thanks for rails. It is really helpfull. So. Let me ask there is a possibility create 3D curve for rails? For example like projected curve in OnShape or intersection curve in Fusion 360?